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Mailer boxes are are primarily used for eCommerce packaging and subscription box packaging. These boxes can be fully customized with print on the outside and inside of the box, giving your customers an Instagram worthy unboxing experience.
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Protective dust flaps
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Fast turnarounds
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Durable construction
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Self locking
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Digital CMYK printing
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Free online proofing
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Two sided printing

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Don’t miss a key opportunity to reach your audience in a new way. Every time you ship a product, the package is the first thing your customer sees. Don’t settle for a plain box!


We produce your custom mailers in the exact size you need within the following ranges:

Length: 3″ – 25″
Width: 2″ – 25″
Depth: 1″ – 15″
The sizes we show correspond to the interior dimensions. Depending on your box’s application, you may want to add some clearance to each side to make sure your products fit perfectly.

Our custom mailer boxes are made of sustainable, recyclable, and sturdy corrugated cardboard. No extra packaging needed to send them in the mail.

To start customizing your mailer box, choose from the following options:


Standard White Corrugated Cardboard
Popular, economical option
Made of sturdy, sustainable material
Uncoated finish
Premium White Corrugated Cardboard
Smooth surface with a luxury feel
Clay-coated for a whiter brighter finish
Best for luxury brands, gift boxes and promotional kits

*Select “Premium With Glossy Ink” for a high-gloss UV finish on printed areas*
Kraft (Brown) Corrugated Cardboard
Rustic brown kraft cardboard with a raw, natural look
Ideal for brands promoting natural products & ingredients
We automatically select a material thickness that works best for your box dimensions. If you require a specific thickness, please contact us.

1/16″ E-Flute Corrugated Cardboard
1/8″ B-Flute Corrugated Cardboard

Take your mailers to the next level with

Custom Inserts

Our dedicated Malaysia-based packaging team will work with you throughout the process to design and order the perfect inserts for your mailers.

Get inspired

We’re always here to inspire your custom packaging. Whether you’re shipping heavy or fragile items, there’s lots of inspiration to help you create a beautiful box design.

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