Pizza Box

Disposable Pizza Boxes are available in 9″, 10″ and 12″ which come in a printed designed box perfect for take-out pizza or for delivery.This includes paper pizza boxes from the brand new ‘Taste’ range. The pizza boxes are manufactured in the Malaysia, lightweight, oven safe and microwavable.

Thick, protective material
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Free online proofing
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Durable construction
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Digital CMYK printing
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Fast turnarounds
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Made of thicker and more durable corrugated cardboard, these boxes serve perfectly as a way to protect your pizza.

Tip to protecting your Precious Pizza

Have you ever opened your pizza delivery and seen a tiny plastic tripod perched at the pizza’s center? It turns out it’s not actually a kitchen table for ants.Why that tiny piece of plastic on your pizza is a true lifesaver.These tiny things,also known as ‘pizza savers’, are simply used to prevent our pizzas from getting squished during the delivery.

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